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Gold frames Secrets

Choice of frame styles


The Baroque picture frames are massive, highly expressed in relief, richly ornamented, often decorated with gold, silver or bronze.

It is recommended to choose this style of frame for paintings or mirrors for luxury. These frames are more expressive when hang on richer, darker color walls.


Eclectic style often used for interior design. It is free of various historical and artistic styles blend. Combined with old frames with modern paintings, laconic minimalism with portentous decoration and so on.

Eclectic is recommend for people looking for originality and extravagance.


Modern frames style is characterized by clear lines, materials uniqueness, innovation. This is a metal, plastic, exotic wood and variety of modern technologies applying in the production of frames.

Laconic modern frames are often used for photographs, drawings, graphics framing.


All who tried time and won the people’s recognition as meeting the core principles referred to as a classic beauty. Classic frames, stands out clear harmonious forms of decoration moderation.

Classical framework we offer people wich are looking for the subtle beauty and simplicity of one.

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